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    114134 - Mosaic Workshops

    Come explore your creative side though this upbeat, fun introduction to the wonderful medium of mosaics! Each class will focus on a form of mosaic, in which you will design, create, and bring home with you. Participants will have a variety of colorful materials to use for your piece(s). At least one mosaic article will be produced per session.
    Instructor: Terri White at or (561) 308-2374

    Activity      Single IconDescriptionAgesDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Status      Cart Icon
    114134-A4Item DetailsMosaic Workshop-Kids8 years to under 16 years12/17/18- 12/17/18 5:00P- 6:30PMWellington Community$30/$38AvailableAdd to Cart
    114134-B4Item DetailsMosaic Workshop16 years and Up12/17/18- 12/17/18 7:00P- 8:30PMWellington Community$30/$38AvailableAdd to Cart

    114236 - Kindersports for Boys & Girls

    Boys and girls will learn the basic skills needed to enter any sports program armed with the confidence and knowledge to help them succeed. Kids will learn basic sports skills in soccer, basketball, t-ball, and softball in a non-competitive enviroment. They will be ready for any rec, school, or travel team they try. This is a drop off class. For more information contact Miss Muriel at (561) 758-0119 or email

    Activity      Single IconDescriptionAgesDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Status      Cart Icon
    114236-A2Item DetailsKindersports for Boys & Girls4 years to under 8 years10/23/18- 12/18/18 4:00P- 5:00PTuVillage Park$160/$200UnavailableRead Notice

    114378 - Elementary Art

    This course is designed for the elementary aged student. Each class will incorporate a fun assignment with a new drawing medium explored each week. Supplies will be provided. Instructor: Melissa Weisz. For more information, contact Melissa Weisz at

    Activity      Single IconDescriptionAgesDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Status      Cart Icon
    114378-C4Item DetailsDrawing-Young Artist6 years to under 13 years12/04/18- 12/18/18 4:00P- 5:00PTuWellington Community$83/$104UnavailableRead Notice

    114627 - TumbleTots Fall Session

    This class stimulates the senses, encourages movement and aids in motor skill development through gymnastics and musical activities in a structured, safe and fun-filled environment. You will be amazed at what your little one can do and how quickly they do it! All classes ages 2 and under require ONE parent/guardian per child participant. 3 - 5 year old classes are "drop off" classes, and require no adult assistance. Only 1 parent/guardian per child. No spectators, shoes on the mat, foods or drinks will be allowed for safety purposes.
    For more information, contact Miss Muriel at 758-0119.

    Activity      Single IconDescriptionAgesDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Status      Cart Icon
    114627-A1Item DetailsTumble Tots1 year to under 2 years10/22/18- 12/17/1810:15A- 11:00AMVillage Park Gym/Rms$150/$188UnavailableRead Notice
    114627-A2Item DetailsTumble Tots1 year to under 2 years10/23/18- 12/18/18 9:15A- 10:00ATuVillage Park Gym/Rms$150/$188UnavailableRead Notice
    114627-B1Item DetailsTumble Tots2 years to under 3 years10/22/18- 12/17/1811:15A- 12:00PMVillage Park Gym/Rms$150/$188UnavailableRead Notice
    114627-B2Item DetailsTumble Tots2 years to under 3 years10/23/18- 12/18/1810:15A- 11:00ATuVillage Park Gym/Rms$150/$188UnavailableRead Notice
    114627-B3Item DetailsTumble Tots2 years to under 3 years10/24/18- 12/19/18 9:15A- 10:00AWVillage Park Gym/Rms$150/$188UnavailableRead Notice
    114627-C2Item DetailsTumbleKids3 years to under 6 years10/23/18- 12/18/1811:15A- 12:00PTuVillage Park Gym/Rms$150/$188UnavailableRead Notice
    114627-C3Item DetailsTumbleKids3 years to under 6 years10/23/18- 12/18/18 2:45P- 3:30PTuVillage Park Gym/Rms$150/$188UnavailableRead Notice

    114662 - Yoga

    Beginner through intermediate level students will enjoy participating in a blend of health and Vinyasa Yoga. Yoga will improve flexibility and circulation, increase strength and stamina, and dramaticallly reduce stress so you will leave class with a calm inner peace. Add to your workout by registering for the "Plus" class and get a whole session of Yogilates for a discounted rate! Please bring your mat, towel and water. Contact Paula Bruce at (561) 762-9026 for more information.

    Activity      Single IconDescriptionAgesDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Status      Cart Icon
    114662-A2Item DetailsYoga14 years and Up10/23/18- 12/20/18 7:00P- 8:00PTu, ThWellington Community$100/$125UnavailableRead Notice
    114662-B1Item DetailsYoga Plus14 years and Up09/04/18- 10/13/18 7:00P- 8:00PTu, Th, SaWellington Community$90/$113UnavailableRead Notice
    114662-B2Item DetailsYoga Plus14 years and Up10/23/18- 12/22/18 7:00P- 8:00PTu, Th, SaWellington Community$120/$150UnavailableRead Notice

    114663 - Pilates Fusion

    The benefits of Pilates are numerous. You are guaranteed positive results with Paula's Pilates Fusion workout designed to awaken the core by building strength, increasing flexibility, and cultivating balance! Diversity of exercises makes this class fun and effective by integrating the stability ball, weights/bands & dynamic yoga flow. Classes are Tuesday and Thursday evenings. If you sign up for the "Plus" class you will get a session of Yogilates Saturday mornings for the best deal. Please bring a mat, towel, and water.
    For more information contact Paula Bruce at (561) 762-9096.

    Activity      Single IconDescriptionAgesDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Status      Cart Icon
    114663-A2Item DetailsPilates Fusion14 years and Up10/23/18- 12/20/18 6:00P- 7:00PTu, ThWellington Community$100/$125UnavailableRead Notice
    114663-B1Item DetailsPilates Fusion Plus14 years and Up09/04/18- 10/13/18 6:00P- 7:00PTu, Th, SaWellington Community$90/$113UnavailableRead Notice
    114663-B2Item DetailsPilates Fusion Plus14 years and Up10/23/18- 12/22/18 6:00P- 7:00PTu, Th, SaWellington Community$120/$150AvailableAdd to Cart

    114664 - Yogilates

    Get the best of both Yoga and Pilates! Yogilates combines strong core work (abdominals, back an buttocks) with Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Prior Yoga and/or Pilates experience is recommended but not required. Please bring your own mat, towel and water. Registration here is only for Yogilaties. This class can be added to Pilates or Yoga to make a "Plus" class! For this option you will enroll in the Pilates or Yoga "Plus" codes. Contact Paula Bruce at (561) 762-9096

    Activity      Single IconDescriptionAgesDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Status      Cart Icon
    114664-A1Item DetailsYogilates14 years and Up09/08/18- 10/13/18 9:00A- 10:00ASaWellington Community$60/$75UnavailableRead Notice
    114664-A2Item DetailsYogilates14 years and Up10/27/18- 12/22/18 9:00A- 10:00ASaWellington Community$80/$100UnavailableRead Notice

    114672 - Kids Meditation

    Children are more spiritually connected than adults. With practice, they can carol their thoughts/feelings to reach a state of calm with relative ease. Great for helping with anxiousness, frustration, or lack of focus which can benefit any young person. Come try out this new and resourceful program!

    Activity      Single IconDescriptionAgesDatesTimesDaysLocationFees      Status      Cart Icon
    114672-A3Item DetailsKids Meditation8 years to under 14 years11/10/18- 11/24/1810:00A- 11:00ASaWellington Community$25/$31UnavailableRead Notice